LED Street Lights

We are the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of LED Street Lights based on light emitting diodes with long life and high lumen output.


  • Designed and developed as per European Standards EN-60598-1,EN-60598-2-3, EN-60598-2-4 & EN-60968
  • Instant start, No flicker, No noise, Low work temperature, Low power consumption.
  • Aluminium Die Cast Body Fixture - Eliminates Problem of Rusting.
  • Optimal thermal design to provide extended life to LEDs.
  • Bug Free Light - UV Free LED Light Eliminating Bug problems Reduces frequent glass cleaning expenses.
  • Excellent compatibility with Zigbee, RF, 6LoWPAN Wireless Control Platforms (On-Demand).
  • PWM Based Dimming Facility from external PWM Source (On-Demand).
  • Short Pay Back Period Saving more than 80% Power than traditional fixtures.
  • Wireless Control Available
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