Railway Signalling Equipment

Flasher Relay

Flasher Relay is used in railway signaling installations to give flashes at the rate of 40 to 60 per minute. Potential free contacts are given to bear a load from 3 t01 0 Amps in different models. It is so designed that the failure of any component results in no indication. Encased in a sheet metal box has also an over voltage protection. It is available in different models to work at 12 or 24 or 60V DC or 110V AC.
Providing you the best range of Railway Signalling Equipment such as Flasher Relay, Fail Safe Electronic Timer, Earth Leakage Detector, Cable Insulation Tester and Delay Timer with effective & timely delivery.
Under the guidance, direction and motivation of our founder member, we have shown tremendous progress in the field of electronic industry. With state-of-the-art manufacturing unit and highly trained electronic engineers, our products are compact and maintenance free. We also have a team of qualified technocrats who can prepare the designs according to the usage and utility of the products so that they fulfill the customer's requirements.


Fail Safe Electronic Timer

We manufacture safe electronic timer which replaces the thermal element relay used in signaling circuits. This fully solid state device is relay less and the time base is generated through a quartz crystal to give a high repeat accuracy. It is meant to control railway signaling circuits where a fixed time delay of 60 or 120 seconds is required. It works on 24V DC power supply.


Earth Leakage Detector

We offer Earth Leakage Detector which is commonly known as ELD, this equipment continuously monitors the insulation of a cable with respect to the Earth. It is widely used in railways to monitor signaling cables on AC and DC circuits. The leakage value can be pre-set by the user in the range of 2K Ohm to 1 Meg ohm. Available in multiple of 4 Channels i.e. 4/8/12 Channels. The single/ multi channel equipment has twin indicating arrangements of an audio alarm plus a panel meter. It also includes a built-in Cable Insulation Tester.


Cable Insulation Tester

Cable Insulation Tester is similar to ELD with the most important difference that this monitors the signaling cables in un-energized mode. Insulation Resistance value ranging from 500 KO to 100 MO. It has a special feature, in case a pair is energized the instrument automatically stops functioning.


Delay Timer

Our delay timer is available from 1 sec to 60 minutes timings in 10 steps with a choice of ON/OFF delay. The timer is suitable for continuous working in railway signaling and indoor use. Two change-over un-energized contacts with 5 Amps rating are provided on DIN rail 35mm enclosure.