Railway Telecom Equipment

Our product range includes a wide range of Railway Telecom Equipment such as Transmission Measuring Set, Cross Talk Measuring Set, Control Office Equipment, Way Station Equipment, Control Telephone, 2 Wire 10 Way Telephone and many more items.

Transmission Measuring Set

We manufacture transmission measuring set which is designed to fulfill all type of requirements for determination of signal level, insertion loss, transmission loss and return loss in cable circuits used in audio telephones. With a measuring range from + 10 to -50 dB it is battery operated with a built in charger which is ideal for the field use. It is suitable for 600 and 1120 impedance.


Cross Talk Measuring Set

Our cross talk measuring set is a portable instrument which is capable of measuring cross talk in the audio frequency range with a built-in AF generator and measuring detector. As the measuring range starts from zero dB it can be conveniently used as a transmission measuring set. With a measuring range from +10 to -80 dB is is suitable for 470/600/1120 U impedance.


Control Office Equipment

Also called as train traffic control equipment, our control office equipment works on DTMF voice frequency signaling and has applications in omnibus speech circuits like section control, TPC control, Deputy Control etc., used in railways. This equipment mainly consists of a code generator and two way voice communication, which can run in two-wire as well as four- wire control circuits in conjunction with the way station equipment.

Way Station Equipment

We manufacture Way Station Equipment(2W/4W) which is separately available for two- wire and four-wire operation. It consists of voice communication circuit, code reception and recognition circuit with ringing and ring-back transmission facility.br />

Control Telephone

We manufacture Control Telephone(2W/4W) which is used with their respective way station equipment. This telephone facilitates communication between the controller and the way station working on two/four-wire.

2 Wire 10 Way Telephone

This system is used for point to point communication between Station Master & Cabin ASM of a yard/ Level Crossing gate, Cabin ASM & Station Master/Level Crossing gate, Level Crossing gate & Cabin ASM/Station Master, Level Crossing gate & Level crossing gate, cabin ASM & cabin ASM etc. where the number of points to be connected are 2 to 11. It shall also be used as an intercom wherever 2 to 11 parties will be required to be connected for communication on 2 wire line.

Electronic Magneto Telephone

Our electronic magneto telephone is designed to meet communication requirement in railways and similar set-ups in between two or more stations. It is fully solid state and works on 3Volts through built-in case for 2X D3 cells or alternately connected through 3Volts battery. It operates within a radius of 65 km and is designed to replace magneto telephone with a hand-cranking generator.