Test Equipment

We are a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Test Equipment such as Phase Angle Meter, Line Frequency Meter, Time Interval Meter and DB Meter from India.

Phase Angle Meter

Phase Angle Meter is a compact direct reading instrument suitable for reading phase angle between voltage-voltage, voltage-current and current-current. In voltage range of 60 of 440 and current range of 1 to 5 Amps. Available in digital and analog read-out it operates on 230V/50Hz


Line Frequency Meter

Line frequency meters are specially designed to measure line frequency at power plants, sub-stations, distribution centers etc. Cased in various is 180 to 280V on single phase AC and sensing voltage from 50 to 300V. They can be set to trip as per user requirement.

Time Interval Meter

Time interval meters are used for the measurement of time interval from 0.1 milli-sec. to 9999 secs.(2 hrs 45 mins.). This is ideally suited for measuring switching time of Relays, trip time & on time of circuit breakers, fusing time of fuse elements, travel time of switches and contactors etc. Type 1425 series can also be used as an accurate stopwatch.

DB Meter

DB Meter meets all type of requirements for determination of signal level, transmission loss in V.F. transmission line. The instrument is provided with a rechargeable battery and a charger and is housed in a sturdy metal case ideal for field use.

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